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Once a modest online seller of books, Amazon is now one of the largest companies in the world, and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, is the world¡¯s most wealthy person. We track developments, both of Bezos and Amazon, its growth as a video producer, the popular Prime service, as well as its own hardware, which includes the Amazon Kindle e-reader, Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, and Amazon Fire TV streaming boxes.

Amazon is delivering half its own packages as it becomes a serious rival to FedEx and UPS

Amazon teams up with Citizen for a classier looking Echo wall clock

The Expanse season 4 just arrived on Amazon Prime hours ahead of schedule

You can now hear Samuel L. Jackson¡¯s voice on your Amazon Echo

Amazon¡¯s Ring is making its first smart light bulb, FCC documents reveal

Amazon¡¯s Echo Flex is a smart speaker for very specific needs

Big data may not be enough to predict injuries in the NFL?

Amazon¡¯s new ¡®AI keyboard¡¯ is confusing everyone

Amazon launches new battery-powered Echo exclusively for India

Amazon is now offering quantum computing as a service

The ¡®Amazon effect¡¯ is flooding a struggling recycling system with cardboard

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Some of the best Cyber Monday deals are happening at Amazon

Here are the best Black Friday deals happening at Amazon

Alexa¡¯s voice can now express disappointment and excitement

Amazon¡¯s Echo Show 8 hits the sweet spot for smart displays

Amazon dodged workplace safety regulators for years, investigation shows

Allbirds tells Amazon it forgot to steal the most important part of its shoe

Musicians plan to remove their music from Amazon to protest its ties with ICE

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How to change Alexa¡¯s language or accent

Amazon¡¯s New York City warehouse is reportedly a dangerous place to work

A Mickey Mouse-themed Echo Wall Clock might be on the way

Here are the best Black Friday deals on Amazon and Google Nest smart displays

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The Verge Guide to Amazon Alexa

Let your personal assistant help out

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Women are more likely than men to say ¡®please¡¯ to their smart speaker

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How to use Alexa to turn on the lights

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How to use Amazon Alexa¡¯s intercom feature

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How to hear (and delete) every conversation your Amazon Alexa has recorded

Amazon¡¯s Dash Smart Shelf can automatically order new office supplies when they run out

Amazon¡¯s cloud gaming service could arrive next year and offer Twitch integration

Amazon reportedly plans bigger cashierless supermarkets for 2020

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How to manage your shopping lists with Alexa

Amazon will do whatever it can to pull you into Alexa¡¯s ecosystem