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Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple is best known for making some of the world's most ubiquitous consumer devices, software, and services: the iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook computers, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iOS, iCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and many more. Led by CEO Tim Cook since 2011, Apple is one of the largest technology companies in the world alongside Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Apple¡¯s most expensive Mac Pro costs $52,599

You can now buy Apple¡¯s new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR

Edison Mail makes the jump to the desktop with a new Mac app

The Apple TV remote is so bad that a Swiss TV company developed a normal replacement

The Morning Show earns Apple its first Golden Globe nominations

Jennifer Aniston is leading Apple to the Golden Globes

Apple¡¯s new Mac Pro will be available to order on December 10th

Early 16-inch MacBook Pro complaints include speaker ¡®popping¡¯ and display ghosting

Popular manga art app Clip Studio Paint is now available on the iPhone

Apple explains why the iPhone 11 is requesting location data without permission

Apple will reportedly release an iPhone without any ports in 2021

How to wipe your MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac mini

Craigslist, founded 24 years ago, is finally getting its first official app

BMW reverses decision to charge vehicle owners an annual fee to use Apple CarPlay

Apple acknowledges random shutdown issue with some 2019 13-inch MacBook Pros

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How to use the iPhone¡¯s Health app

Mario Kart Tour was the most downloaded iPhone game of 2019

Apple¡¯s rumored Mini-LED iPad and MacBook Pro could arrive in 2020

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The best Cyber Monday tablet deal is, without a doubt, the latest iPad

iPaid $100 less

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Big discounts on MacBook Air, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirPods are still on for Cyber Monday

These are the best Black Friday deals on Apple¡¯s iPad, AirPods, MacBook, iPhone, and more

These are the best Black Friday phone deals

This iPhone app will make you nostalgic for the iPod click wheel

Jony Ive has left Apple

Apple alters Maps and Weather to show Crimea as a Russian territory

X-rays reveal how the shutter button works on the iPhone Smart Battery Case

Apple¡¯s holiday commercial is a live-action version of the saddest scene in Up