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What DC Comics needs to learn from Joker¡¯s success

Before HBO¡¯s Watchmen, stream V for Vendetta, the best Alan Moore adaptation

Joker mimics King of Comedy and Fight Club, but it¡¯s a completely different kind of film

Question Club: the best and worst Joker debate topics

Love it or hate it, the Joker movie presents a tempting fantasy

It¡¯s a persecution complex turned wish-fulfillment power trip

Here¡¯s the best Joker episode of Batman: The Animated Series to stream this weekend

Batman casts a heavy shadow over The CW¡¯s new Batwoman series

Why the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn¡¯t care about secret identities

Harley Quinn enjoys a Joker-free life in the first Birds of Prey trailer

The final Joker trailer promises a gritty character study of Batman¡¯s archnemesis?

Women swept the Hugo Awards ¡ª again

Marvel and Stitcher announce a new podcast based on the Marvels comic miniseries

The Folio Society¡¯s next book brings Marvel¡¯s Golden Age back to life

Black Lightning¡¯s characters will be part of The CW¡¯s Crisis on Infinite Earth crossover event

Marvel is rebooting Blade, with Mahershala Ali set to star

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San Diego Comic-Con 2019: all the trailers and updates from fandom¡¯s biggest party

Marvel will explore the origins of Kylo Ren in a new comic series

Spider-Man: Far From Home is saving the MCU by ignoring its continuity

Spider-Man: Far From Home is a full-on heroic triumph

Netflix is reportedly adapting Neil Gaiman¡¯s Sandman

Joe Hill is returning to comics with a new ¡®pop-up¡¯ imprint at DC

DC is shutting down Vertigo label, will brand comics by age-appropriateness

Marvel is adapting a number of its iconic comic books into audiobooks

Twilight¡¯s Robert Pattinson is reportedly the new Batman

How the MCU could revive a major dead Avengers: Endgame character

The University of South Carolina received a library of 180,000 comics from a life-long collector

Read a comic about the history of biological warfare from the author of World War Z

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Game of Thrones could have taken a page from how Avengers: Endgame handles death

What George R.R. Martin learned from Marvel Comics ¡ª and the lessons the company is still teaching

Pixel 3 gives New Yorkers some much needed peace in new Avengers: Endgame ad

It doesn¡¯t actually matter whether Batman kills people

Captain Marvel meets some of the highest expectations yet for a Marvel movie

The latest trailer for the Hellboy reboot brings the blood and gore