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Big data may not be enough to predict injuries in the NFL?

Carbon markets could strengthen or screw over global action on climate change

Rocket Lab tests key maneuver needed for reusability during 10th flight to space

Caring about climate change is trendy on Tinder

Cellphone-related head injuries became more common after the iPhone was released

Look where you¡¯re going

NASA spacecraft unraveling Sun¡¯s mysteries as it spirals closer to our star

TED launches global climate initiative with help from YouTube


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There¡¯s no quick fix to find racial bias in health care algorithms

Ford is recycling McDonald¡¯s coffee waste into car parts

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How to use the iPhone¡¯s Health app

Mesmerizing graph shows uncomfortably close encounters between space junk

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The rise and fall of the PlayStation supercomputers

NASA spacecraft finds crash site of Indian lunar lander

John Kerry, Arnold Schwarzenegger wage ¡®World War Zero¡¯ on climate change

The ¡®Amazon effect¡¯ is flooding a struggling recycling system with cardboard

NASA¡¯s giant ¡®Super Guppy¡¯ plane delivers the agency¡¯s spacecraft to Ohio

The Last Stand

Baskets vs. borers

Weather forecasters lost the battle for strict interference limits on 5G

¡®Fridays For Future¡¯ Protest In Rome


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The Air Force will change how it selects its next launch providers following Blue Origin protest

MTA floods NYC subway entrance because ¡®climate change is real¡¯

Boeing rolls out Starliner passenger spacecraft to launch site ahead of December flight

SpaceX¡¯s prototype Starship rocket partially bursts during testing in Texas

Watch SpaceX fire up the emergency engines on its new crew spacecraft

AI helps discover new geoglyph in the Nazca Lines