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Dockless electric scooters first started appearing on US city streets in 2017, and since then have exploded in popularity across the world. Like ride-sharing, these compact two-wheelers were eagerly adopted by riders, kicking off what is seen as a revolution in micromobility. They can be a fun and easy way to make short trips, and startups like Bird and Lime are using that to raise huge amounts of cash. But critics complain they block sidewalks and cause injuries, and cities have struggled to manage their growth, which suggests that the scooter wars have only just begun.

Wheels redesigns its shareable e-bikes to include a helmet

Unicorn, e-scooter startup from co-creator of Tile, shuts down with no money for refunds


Why electric scooters are illegal in New York and London

Wellbots is offering Black Friday discounts on electric scooters to readers of The Verge

Bird will give you free scooter rides if you take a selfie while wearing a helmet

Two electric scooter companies, Ojo and Gotcha, are merging to take on Bird and Lime

¡®Busted e-scooter¡¯ was the best Halloween costume of 2019

Uber threatens to sue Los Angeles, as the fight over scooter data escalates

Uber, Spin, and Lime scooters are now legal in San Francisco, but Skip is out

Remote-controlled scooters are coming, and Tortoise is (slowly) leading the charge

Minneapolis temporarily suspends all electric scooters ahead of Trump rally

Bird raises new funding at a $2.5 billion valuation, thanks to longer-lasting scooters

Florida man arrested for cutting the brakes on over 100 electric scooters

New startup aims to bring controversial scooter tracking system to more cities

Mercedes-Benz quietly?enters the e-scooter market

Lime, Jump, Bird, Spin pledge to remove their Florida scooters and bikes to avoid flying menaces

Segway-Ninebot introduces an e-scooter that can drive itself to a charging station

Dropbox had to evacuate its headquarters when an electric scooter caught fire

Skip¡¯s new scooter has a sturdier deck, bigger wheels, and a swappable battery

Audi has combined an electric scooter and a skateboard into one dweeby rideable

Electric scooters aren¡¯t quite as climate-friendly as we thought

Bird¡¯s new electric scooter has a better battery and anti-vandalism sensors

One month with a Bird rental scooter: far worse than a bike

Bird¡¯s monthly program sticks you with a less capable, more annoying scooter

Ford¡¯s scooter company launches aggressive expansion plan with next-gen scooter

They said you could leave electric scooters anywhere ¡ª then the repo men struck back

Boosted gave me a defective scooter. It broke my finger.

Bird is making Paris its ¡®second home,¡¯ as city cracks down on scooter riding

Flash floods in Washington, DC take their toll on dockless bikes and scooters

US cities are joining forces to figure out what the hell to do with all these scooters

Nashville is banning electric scooters after a man was killed

Unicorn is a $699 electric scooter from the co-creator of Tile

New York is poised to legalize electric scooters and bikes